Thursday, October 30, 2008


Happy Haunting Day to one and all.

Here's another photo from my trip earlier this month. The crow pieces just sang out the Poe poem for me.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mad Men quiz

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are an Ingrid!


You are an Ingrid -- "I am unique"

Ingrids have sensitive feelings and are warm and perceptive.

How to Get Along with Me

  • * Give me plenty of compliments. They mean a lot to me.

  • * Be a supportive friend or partner. Help me to learn to love and value myself.

  • * Respect me for my special gifts of intuition and vision.

  • * Though I don't always want to be cheered up when I'm feeling melancholy, I sometimes like to have someone lighten me up a little.

  • * Don't tell me I'm too sensitive or that I'm overreacting!

What I Like About Being an Ingrid

  • * my ability to find meaning in life and to experience feeling at a deep level

  • * my ability to establish warm connections with people

  • * admiring what is noble, truthful, and beautiful in life

  • * my creativity, intuition, and sense of humor

  • * being unique and being seen as unique by others

  • * having aesthetic sensibilities

  • * being able to easily pick up the feelings of people around me

What's Hard About Being an Ingrid

  • * experiencing dark moods of emptiness and despair

  • * feelings of self-hatred and shame; believing I don't deserve to be loved

  • * feeling guilty when I disappoint people

  • * feeling hurt or attacked when someone misundertands me

  • * expecting too much from myself and life

  • * fearing being abandoned

  • * obsessing over resentments

  • * longing for what I don't have

Ingrids as Children Often

  • * have active imaginations: play creatively alone or organize playmates in original games

  • * are very sensitive

  • * feel that they don't fit in

  • * believe they are missing something that other people have

  • * attach themselves to idealized teachers, heroes, artists, etc.

  • * become antiauthoritarian or rebellious when criticized or not understood

  • * feel lonely or abandoned (perhaps as a result of a death or their parents' divorce)

Ingrids as Parents

  • * help their children become who they really are

  • * support their children's creativity and originality

  • * are good at helping their children get in touch with their feelings

  • * are sometimes overly critical or overly protective

  • * are usually very good with children if not too self-absorbed

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back from my escape

Four days escape from home and kids was wonderful, even though it was for work. Last week thru "oh dark & ugly" Monday morning, I was in Santa Fe. This was my first trip to New Mexico.

It was wonderful the little I had free time for of Santa Fe. Before the workshops started, I visited the Georgia O'Keefe museum to see their new exhibit. O'Keefe isn't my favorite artist, but I do enjoy some portions of her painting. The O'Keefe museum is small, but the collection and exhibit space design is wonderfully compact. This was worth the cost of admission. The Art of Identity exhibit includes photographs of O'Keefe, her work, and home by more then just Stieglitz. It was interesting to see drawings, paintings, and photographs of the work in her studio.

Outside of Ghost Ranch - Santa Fe is a sculpture garden with these great installation pieces by Peter Woytuk. This is one of my favorite pieces. I just love the striking difference between the cans and the apples.
The workshops went really well even though there were only 5 attendees. For the first time the focus of what we want to teach was also the primary interest of the participants.

During the airport times and evenings, I was able to get more done of the stripe scarf, but still not finished.

Monday's early arrival home and the start of the day, brought back the reality of daily life with laundry and dishes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Up Up and Away

Tomorrow morning I'll be up - WAY TOO EARLY - to head to the flying metal bird.
The next four days I'll be in Santa Fe for work. Partially a holiday for me, DH will be home with the kids.

I'm taking two knitting projects along for the fun. Here's the progress on my current scarf project.

I'm loving the stripe pattern and hope someone else will come Christmas.

I've decided to knit up the two skeins of yarn from my swap partner from Favorite Color Swap 3. I thought I would use it for Red Scarf Project, but it doesn't fit their specs. I'll probably use it for a gift or auction item for the next fundraiser at school.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

wonderful weekend

Yesterday was a great fun. After morning swim lessons for MM and LB, and my workout time, we headed to New Jersey.

Nana, Grandpa, the kids and I went for a drive to the Garden State Sheep and Fiber Festival. It is a small event, but they have a nice set up and we saw sheep that were new to all of us.

Jacob's Sheep, a biblical breed, according to the sign. Of course I forgot my camera, so all the photos are on Grandpa's. You'll have to wait for the pics of day until next weekend when Grandpa will be down again.

One piece I really commend the organizers on was the last barn with an exploration area for the kids. A hay bale maze, pick your own trees, large scale weaving and knitting. MM found the weaving fun. She spent nearly half and hour weaving lengths of roving through the frame and chatting with the volunteer who was helping out.

LB found running through the maze the best time. With many other boys around his age, this was great. Not having mom or the other adults telling him to hold hands, stay with us, and such was also a great relief.

Since Nana and I don't spin there wasn't as much to fill our bags with, but I did find fun white sparkly yarn part of which will be in my next swap package - sorry no pics for now. Nana picked up alpaca yarn in this lovely warm fawn color for a sweater. The yarn is neat because the farm keeps the fiber sorted by animal so when you purchase any the tag has an id for the yarn weight and which animal generously provide it's coat.