Sunday, August 29, 2010

A sad parting

Last week we said goodbye to one of the girls..

Andromeda, aka Romy, was Ms. Tina (in the background) latest housemate.  They would occasionally hang out in the front window or under the dining room table (here they hid) but typically they held to their territory or enjoyed a good scream and slap around session.

Over the past couple of weeks, we noticed something was wrong with one of the girls, but couldn't figure out switch one.  They are both good at keeping things to themselves.  Well the vet dropped a major bomb on us,  Romy was in kidney failure.  Though she wasn't a snuggle kitten, like Ms. Tina, we all miss out guard kitty.  During my time home this winter and spring, she would take position on our bed each night DH wasn't home.  More recently her protection place was on the floor on my bedside, so whenever I got up she was ready to come along where ever I went.

I hope Romy finds friends in Tess, Garden Kitty, Nocturne, Mr. Mann, and all our other animal friends who are waiting for their 2 legged humans to come back to them.

Don't send out a search party

I haven't fallen off the edge of the world.  Taking a 4th of July blog vacation turned into a 2 month sabbatical from most everything online, expect paying the bills.  If I wasn't paying the bills, you wouldn't be able to read anything from me.  And just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been doing other stuff.

We spent the 4th of July at my parents, enjoyed a live performance of 1776 at Plays in the Park.  It was fun watching MM's response to the show.  Her history program last year was colonial America and now she thinks Ben Franklin and the others are really cool.  LB just loved having time in the park and a picnic dinner before the show.  If you are in Central Jersey during the summer, I recommend taking an evening show in the park.

The last week of July was spent in Western New York with our annual trip to Chautauqua. This year DH, BIL, SIL, and I were treated to a dinner out without the kids.  DH's dad and stepmom offer to take the 4 kids for dinner and ice cream so we could enjoy a dinner together.  It was so fun just having an adult conversation uninterrupted.   I'll post more pics from the week as soon as I get them better sorted.

August brought two big 0 events to the family.  On the 8th, I ventured into my 4th decade.  WOW, I am totally amazed to be saying now I'm 40.  With the new life coming online later this year, my new career will also be my mid-life crisis event.

Friday was another big 0 - MM is now 10.  All I could say to DH after her birthday dinner was "where did all the time go?" and "how did she make it to 10?"  More photos of the decade baby later too.  Getting her ears pierced was the top of the birthday wish list so that was our to-do list item for last week.  In six weeks, I'll start hiding my earrings since she keeps commenting on those she thinks would be fun to wear.

I'm still knitting.  With my mom's help, I hope to finish one project which is a hangover from last year's scarf project over Labor Day weekend.  This is a addition to our annual uniform production line.

My sweater is proceeding nicely and should be ready for 4th of July 2011.  Scarf project 2010 continues though without the self demanding production schedule.  And it also continues to use more of the stash hiding in the closet at my parents.  Daddy appreciates anyone who removes skeins from his house even if they don't knit, crochet or anything else.

Next posting promises some pics of our summer fun and other adventures.