Friday, October 29, 2010

Back Home in Indiana

After an uneventful drive, the family is settling into life here in North Manchester.  Sunday was spent unpacking the kitchen and getting clothes sorted so the kids could be registered for school on Monday.

Starting school on Tuesday was a fun send off as the bus stop is just outside our back door.  The bus drivers talked and sorted out one route so both kids are picked up by the same bus.  Gotta love small town features.

If you saw the news reports, Tuesday was not a typical day for the kids.  About 10am we heard a siren for the tornado warning but didn't really think much of it.  We did get nailed with a lot of wind and rain.  In fact the trailer, we brought the first round of boxes and furniture out in, was blown off the parking pad and into the street.  It wasn't in traffic so we waited to move it back. Near 11:30 the siren sounded again as the storm settled down.Mom and DH headed into Wabash to run some errands and found out the Walmart lost part of the roof, power was out for many in the area.

MM and LB had a bigger impression of the storm.  At separate schools their respective classes were sent into the safety shelters during the tornado alert.  For each class their bathrooms were the safety shelters so MM was entertained that the boys were uncomfortable and LB that the  girls in his class were uncomfortable.  For them this was just the adventure to start their times at their new school.

I'm sure we will each have more adventures as we begin life in our small town America....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time to fess up

As of Friday, my jump into my new life begins with both feet into the puddle.  Leaving the society hasn't been as much of a deal as I thought it would but that is probably due to a friend's note about how all the fun people were gone leaving me the last of the gang to hold on.  It definitely is time to make a change and one came to us over the past year.

Our new life starts with a move from Philadelphia to North Manchester.  Okay, you are welcome to ask, "where in the world is North Manchester?"  Well we are heading west, returning to the home county of my dad, Wabash County, Indiana.  Small town USA - here we come.

What will I be doing to keep from running down the street naked --- running a Bed & Breakfast.  That's right, I'm becoming an Innkeeper.  DH bought and existing B&B, where we stay during visits to my grandmother.  The   original owners started their time about 20 years ago and raised their family there, so now we continue the tradition moving out family and running the B&B.  So the Fruitt Basket Inn is becoming the Fruit Basket Inn.

I plan to continue this blog for my knitting, crafting, and other family stuff.  There will also be a blog at  This site is still under construction.  I hope to have it up before the holidays start, but learning the guests, my menus, and getting the kids through the move and changes may delay some of the features I want to include.

So I may be a bit slow in posting here but promise not to totally abandon my first site.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still kicking

Although woefully neglected, I have not forgot my blog.  I just haven't been much for writing here.  My plan from last year to write to friends and family has been more successful and more comforting.

The back issues continue, but there is a light trying to peek through.  The past 6 weeks have been wet - aqua therapy twice a week.  Finally some success!  The prior round of PT did help but not with the same results.  In fact I'm doing so well, today I started some new land PT.  Added to this I get to enjoy a stretch with the chiropractor twice a week.  This is a 21st century mechanical rack, but the stretch helps open up my back.  After all these months, it is a relief to find something besides all the medications helping me.

Knitting continues too. I had these partial balls and decided they could be fun to stripe together and this came off.  I liked the peach, purple, tan, lavender, and peach again better then I thought I would.  The mix of microfiber and cotton feels lovely.  I'm not at all sure who this will go to in the end but it will be nice

The summer sweater continues too, but slowly.  Now that fall has swept in, I'm turning to holiday gifts so this won't move along with great focused speed.

My plan tonight was to give warning that I would be absent for the next couple of weeks as we relocating and starting a new life all round.  Since my posting over the past several months has been hit and miss for posting to start with so being lost in moving and setting up new digs might not be noticed.