Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Still kicking

Although woefully neglected, I have not forgot my blog.  I just haven't been much for writing here.  My plan from last year to write to friends and family has been more successful and more comforting.

The back issues continue, but there is a light trying to peek through.  The past 6 weeks have been wet - aqua therapy twice a week.  Finally some success!  The prior round of PT did help but not with the same results.  In fact I'm doing so well, today I started some new land PT.  Added to this I get to enjoy a stretch with the chiropractor twice a week.  This is a 21st century mechanical rack, but the stretch helps open up my back.  After all these months, it is a relief to find something besides all the medications helping me.

Knitting continues too. I had these partial balls and decided they could be fun to stripe together and this came off.  I liked the peach, purple, tan, lavender, and peach again better then I thought I would.  The mix of microfiber and cotton feels lovely.  I'm not at all sure who this will go to in the end but it will be nice

The summer sweater continues too, but slowly.  Now that fall has swept in, I'm turning to holiday gifts so this won't move along with great focused speed.

My plan tonight was to give warning that I would be absent for the next couple of weeks as we relocating and starting a new life all round.  Since my posting over the past several months has been hit and miss for posting to start with so being lost in moving and setting up new digs might not be noticed.

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