Monday, June 30, 2008

One Word Meme

Bridget had One Word Meme from Literary Feline (Wendy R.), and neglected to tag me. Finding this stuff fun, I'll play anyway.

Rules: You must answer the questions using only one word. Then tag four others.

1. Where is your cell phone? Table

2. Your significant other? Across

3. Your hair? Medium

4. Your mother? Knitting

5. Your father? Do-it-yourself

6. Your favorite thing? Fabric

7. Your dream last night? None

8 Your favorite drink? Tea

9. Your dream/goal? Quilter

10. The room you’re in? Porch

11. Your hobby? Sewing

12. Your fear? Burning

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Chicago

14. What you’re not?

15. Muffins? Yes!

6. One of your wish list items? Breadmaker

17. Where you grew up? USA

18. The last thing you did? Walk

19. What are you wearing? Capris

20. Favorite gadget? laptop

21. Your pets? Cats

22. Your computer? Averatec

23. Your mood? relaxed

24. Missing someone? Usually

25. Your car? Bronze

26. Something you’re not wearing? Fur

27. Favorite store? Target

28. Like someone? Yes

29. Your favorite color? Red

30. When is the last time you laughed? Breakfast

31. Last time you cried? Hummmmm

Not sure who to tag - let's see who decides to play.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you Ms. Anderson

for some of the most memorable language arts classes.

Ms. Anderson was my 6th grade language arts and history teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary. She encouraged all of us to read and made the work of book reports fun by not always requiring a written report.

Ms. Anderson also knew that as important as it was for each of us to read independently, we also need to know the joy of listening to a story. My favorite book that she read to us was The Twits by Roald Dahl. Today I still enjoy audio books for the simple joy of a good story being read by a wonderful voice.

Now my children enjoy books but they also are finding joy in audio books. On the drive to Chautauqua today, we listened to Simon Callow read The Twits. I was transported back to that class and could still hear Ms. Anderson reading the story with her wonderful voice bringing the nasty characters to life.

I know Ms. Anderson retired from teaching years ago, but as many say about wonderful teachers, she continues to be a influence on her former students.

Thank you.

Coming to you from the porch

For the next week, you'll be hearing from me from the best spot in the northeast, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, New York. And better yet, the second floor porch of the Presbyterian House.

The family, including extension on dh's side gather here every summer for a week to enjoy each other, lectures, meals, and so much more. Being a Chautauqua during "the season" is unlike anywhere. Kids programing gives dh & me a vacation without leaving them at home or sending them somewhere else.

This is our fourth year staying at the Presbyterian House and each year has just been better then the previous.

I would post pics of my perfect place, but tonight it is raining and even I won't make dh stand out in the rain to take photos. Be prepared tomorrow for pics and more raves about vacation.

My Summer Reading

So I missed the Jane Austin Knitalong, but there are some great projects and comments about the Masterpiece Classics productions.

I have always loved Jane Austin but only read Sense and Sensibility when it was required for school. As my summer reading program, I plan to read all six novels. Today I started with Northanger Abbey. Chautauqua vacations always give me some of the missing quiet time to enjoy reading. Here I don't have laundry, dishes, or other chores pulling me away from my book. Just another wonderful piece of this specific annual trek,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Feast


If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?

That's easy - Europe. I was born in Germany while my father was in the Army. Unfortunately we were transferred back to the States when I was 13 months old. It would easily take a year to revisit all the places I'd been before in a baby backpack, and then all those other places where I want go myself.


Which browser do you use to surf the Internet? Right now it's Firefox because DH thought it would work better then Explorer had been.


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you know about the history of your country?

For different periods, I'll vote for about a 6. Growing up with history buff parents, I've always enjoyed the events of history and more the who and why for various events.

Main Course

Finish this sentence: Love is…

A Warm Puppy. Okay that's a tribute to Charles Schultz.

On the surface this should be an easy finish, but for me it really isn't. Love is very situational for me based on who is the person and what role do they have for me.

My kids probably provide the best response - Love is a child's squeeze to just say I love you.


Have you ever been in or near a tornado?

This depends on what your definition of near is. One summer we were in Indiana and a tornado alert was broadcast across the tv that a tornado had touched down about 10 miles away from my grandmother's house. Being a kid from the east coast, I was ready to head to the basement, Grammy's response was "Hunny that's way off, go outside play in the yard." She being a native Hoosier wasn't flustered or outwardly concerned about the event. We did watch the news that night for the damage report. So I guess I haven't.

Wardrobe Refashion

What a great and interesting idea. I've made a vow to myself to work through my vast stash of fabrics for new clothes for me and special items for the kids. So I've joined in for 4 months, starting July 1st- let's see how the time goes.

On one level I've already started. Since we will be with my husband's family for the Fourth of July in Chautauqua, so the kids need appropriate themed outfits.

The girls sun dresses are done and I'll cut out the boys shirts this weekend. I'll post pics of the kids in their new threads once we have them all together in Chautauqua.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My new toy

For our anniversary, my folks got us a new garden gadget - a rain barrel.
I've wanted one for a while and finally found one that wasn't a full size wine or whiskey barrel which are too big for the space.

Since I only have one downspout on the house, it's not in the perfect spot, but walking water around to the plants isn't that big an issue.

Wednesday night's thunderstorms filled my barrel, so tonight for the first time I watered the plants without turning on the house water.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My first library card

Today was the first day of sign ups for the Free Library's summer reading program. Since LB didn't have the fortune of a visit from the librarian at school, he still needed a library card.

Since he can write his name, he signed both the form and his card. With a big smile and several happy hops, LB took out his first two books today:

Curious George and A Brave Spaceboy

Look out world, he's already asking when we can go back and get more books.

Take time this summer and look in at your local library. Summer reading programs aren't just for kids, if you are in Philadelphia there is a program for adults even.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

On another note...

Do you consider yourself to be an optimist or a pessimist? Optimist with a distinct awareness for what could go wrong.

What is your favorite color of ink to write with? Medium point blue ball point. I go for the simple pen even - give me either a Bic Stix or Bic Biro and I'll be content to sign away. Signing things seems tobe the only things I use pens for any more. Life changes too much so pencil is easier to update.

How often do you get a manicure or pedicure? Do you do them yourself or go to a salon and pay for them? Pedicure's are the most luscious way to spend escape time, but alas the budget will only allow one a summer season. Most of the rest of the visible toe time, I do my own pedicures every other week. Manicures - yeah right - you have to have nails worth painting before spending time on a manicure.

Main Course
Have you ever won anything online? If so, what was it? Nothing yet, but I haven't really put in for anything either.

In which room in your house do you keep your home computer? Which computer? Right now I'm sitting in the living room on my laptop. We have a wireless network, and between the desktops and laptops, there are 4 computers in the house. DH has the theory that being continually connected is a necessity in life, not a luxury.

Margaritas and knitting

don't mix really well together. Especially after the 3rd margarita. But I did want to participate - via the Buffet tailgate party - in the World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Confession: I only did 3 rows in public, there was just too much entertainment to enjoy in the parking lot. More Buffett fan photos once DH downloads his camera.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm wearing big shoes

This was LB's starting line tonight for dinner which had DH and I entertained through most of dinner.

LB came to the table with a pair of my sneakers on and announced that "I'm wearing big shoes, so I'm in charge." With the big shoes on he became the adult and wanted to know how MM's day was. The fun was he wanted my answer as if I was MM, not his sister's.

With the shoes on for him we each swapped roles - LB was Mom, MM was Dad, and DH was LB, and I was MM. He kept up the role swap through most of dinner. When the shoes fell off, LB was back and finished dinner.

What a fun round of imagination from him.

No more teachers...

but we still have books. Today was the last day of school, and MM is now officially a 3rd grader. To prevent some of the brain drain, she has a workbook of math and language arts to do through the summer. It isn't optional, it will count as two test grades come September.

Thank God we survived this year. Some points have been a challenge, including moving her the day before school started to a new school. I still believe this was for the best. The smaller classes and more caring staff has helped with some of the other issues.

Another move forward on MM's sleep issues. She does have sleep apnea, so next step is to talk with the ENT doctor about her tonsils.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I give...

The heat wave here has won in my book. I was slogging through the heat with reduced activity until yesterday.

Last night was the picnic at LB's school. It wasn't really al ot cooler by 6pm, but we stayed and had fun and food. And this morning I'm paying for it - just so lovely waking with a headache, sore throat, and shivering.

Mr. Simon has been bringing music and instruments to the Pre-K group this year. His band was able to come for the picnic giving a great addition for the kids and adults.

Even the director kicked up her heels.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Family weekend

A wonderful weekend for family time. Just a bit late in posting since dh had the best pictures on his camera.

Saturday we decided would be a fun time to head out for a round of minature golf with the kids. Unfortunetly a birthday party of twenty started just as we got there. Knowing MM and LB aren't always the most patient, we were going to head out.

MM and LB wanted to hit balls so we headed in for clubs for them and a bucket of balls. This was a good thing. We all had fun trying out hand.

Young Tiger.

The next LPGA champion?

Sunday night was the picnic for kids club at church. The kids had such a wonderful time playing in the new fenced in yard. The open but controlled space was perfect for the kids to run and play.

I ended up chief in charge of s'mores. I have found a use for those multi-tine meat lifters. Nothing like roasting 4 marshmallows at a time. Just need to make some with longer handles.

Monday was a fun afternoon to my folks for a cook out and planting. Mom and I finished getting her flowers and tomatoes in the ground. I also got to harvest the first round of rhubarb from the neighbors. What wonderful happening, I get all the rhubarb available for a quart of rhubarb sauce.

The kids got to play free in the backyard with balls, bubbles, and all the fun that summer weather gives. DH served as chief cook handling the grill for us all.