Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm wearing big shoes

This was LB's starting line tonight for dinner which had DH and I entertained through most of dinner.

LB came to the table with a pair of my sneakers on and announced that "I'm wearing big shoes, so I'm in charge." With the big shoes on he became the adult and wanted to know how MM's day was. The fun was he wanted my answer as if I was MM, not his sister's.

With the shoes on for him we each swapped roles - LB was Mom, MM was Dad, and DH was LB, and I was MM. He kept up the role swap through most of dinner. When the shoes fell off, LB was back and finished dinner.

What a fun round of imagination from him.


Anne Bulancee said...

that is adorable! Kids are so cute and they are such a wonderful inspiration to all us grown ups! and how fun to switch roles for the night! I bet he felt pretty proud to be in charge and the dad for the night, he must have a great role model in dad!

iknitwithwit said...

Awww...warmfuzzies for us all, and a lesson that we should all take time to appreciate what children bring to our lives. Dad must really be someone he can look up to. Thanks for sharing.

Bridget said...

Hm. Are you sure this wasn't some kind of mind game he was playing? You know, to get a bigger allowance or something??