Monday, June 16, 2008

My first library card

Today was the first day of sign ups for the Free Library's summer reading program. Since LB didn't have the fortune of a visit from the librarian at school, he still needed a library card.

Since he can write his name, he signed both the form and his card. With a big smile and several happy hops, LB took out his first two books today:

Curious George and A Brave Spaceboy

Look out world, he's already asking when we can go back and get more books.

Take time this summer and look in at your local library. Summer reading programs aren't just for kids, if you are in Philadelphia there is a program for adults even.

1 comment:

Bridget said...

Uh oh - A Brave Spaceboy?? I hope he doesn't decide to take that too literally ...

It's always good when another reader "officially" joins the crowd.