Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Family weekend

A wonderful weekend for family time. Just a bit late in posting since dh had the best pictures on his camera.

Saturday we decided would be a fun time to head out for a round of minature golf with the kids. Unfortunetly a birthday party of twenty started just as we got there. Knowing MM and LB aren't always the most patient, we were going to head out.

MM and LB wanted to hit balls so we headed in for clubs for them and a bucket of balls. This was a good thing. We all had fun trying out hand.

Young Tiger.

The next LPGA champion?

Sunday night was the picnic for kids club at church. The kids had such a wonderful time playing in the new fenced in yard. The open but controlled space was perfect for the kids to run and play.

I ended up chief in charge of s'mores. I have found a use for those multi-tine meat lifters. Nothing like roasting 4 marshmallows at a time. Just need to make some with longer handles.

Monday was a fun afternoon to my folks for a cook out and planting. Mom and I finished getting her flowers and tomatoes in the ground. I also got to harvest the first round of rhubarb from the neighbors. What wonderful happening, I get all the rhubarb available for a quart of rhubarb sauce.

The kids got to play free in the backyard with balls, bubbles, and all the fun that summer weather gives. DH served as chief cook handling the grill for us all.

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fallwitch said...

I recommend adding a vanilla bean to the rhubarb whilst it cooks. Lovely flavor.