Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you Ms. Anderson

for some of the most memorable language arts classes.

Ms. Anderson was my 6th grade language arts and history teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary. She encouraged all of us to read and made the work of book reports fun by not always requiring a written report.

Ms. Anderson also knew that as important as it was for each of us to read independently, we also need to know the joy of listening to a story. My favorite book that she read to us was The Twits by Roald Dahl. Today I still enjoy audio books for the simple joy of a good story being read by a wonderful voice.

Now my children enjoy books but they also are finding joy in audio books. On the drive to Chautauqua today, we listened to Simon Callow read The Twits. I was transported back to that class and could still hear Ms. Anderson reading the story with her wonderful voice bringing the nasty characters to life.

I know Ms. Anderson retired from teaching years ago, but as many say about wonderful teachers, she continues to be a influence on her former students.

Thank you.

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