Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back from the great beyond

I haven't felt much like writing, but have been knitting. When I was last intending to post pics, life got in the way. Now I have finished the Eagles scraf and several others. Before school let out, I found a bunch of single or end of dyelot skeins of yarn. I hoped to get ones finished for the kids teachers, alas that didn't work out, but I knit them up for the holiday gift stash.

This is more a neck warmer then typical scarf from a single skein of Poddle yarn. It feels great and will be fun to give, but I NEVER intend to use this again. The texture is a bitch to work with and not regular so at some points there are uneven stitches to handle the bobble.

I still continue my entertainment with fun fur and eyelash yarns. Again a single skein which is a lovely neck warmer.

These next two were yarns the kids picked out. I really like how both came out and hope they are simillarly enjoyed .

This one has been off the needles for a couple of months, but I wanted to add fringe. Mom showed me how to make knit fringe. That too has been done for a bit, but this weekend I finally got them added to the scarf.
That's the recap for now. More to come soon and many thanks to Leo for his modeling aid.

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Lisa said...

Initially I thought a live guinea pig was your model. :-)

Where the hell are you?