Saturday, November 6, 2010

Haunting Halloween

Our Mario and MM Kitty enjoyed many Halloween activities this year.  Manchester College held an early Halloween event with crafts, games, and trick or treating. MM went for the evening and had a blast until the last floor of the haunted hall.  That scared her into hysterics and took alot of calming from both Nana on the way home and Mom at home.

Saturday was trick or treating for kids in town.  LB in his full Mario and I went around part of the neighborhood and found fun houses with decorations from simple to very extravagant.  He even survived at stop at the house of Medusa.

MM kitty stayed on the porch with Nana and enjoyed handing out candy to the wide variety of costumed kids that came.  This included many princesses, fairies, a grim riper, and assorted little bees, butterflies, and


Lisa said...

Did you get many kids? We had a couple dozen but school night meant less traffic I think. The costumes looks great. :)

Kathy said...

It would be so fun to have trick or treaters. My aunt has loved it since she and my uncle moved to town. When you live in the country, you just don't get them.

MM said...

cute cute cute. Went with TC as she took Aaron around some of the houses in her neighborhood were MGM porductions. Keep enjoying