Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So neglected

Oh crap - I started blogging as a participant in the last round of Favorite Color Swap. I just finished my first knitting project and have yet to show off. It's a shawl/scarf/wrap for me. Hey isn't the first project you make typically for yourself. Besides most of my recent other handwork has been for others so I'm due.

The yarn is from my first participatory round of Favorite Color Swap. What a treat to get cotton yarn in colors that I just adore. My partner was great, but at that point neither of us were blogging so it just got left to the side.

The piece is from three balls of Reynolds Cabana, two brick red and one tan. The design is the result of being a new knitter and not totally paying attention to where I was in the process. Instead of ripping out again, I just kept going and figured out my mistake. Thus the striping. There is no method to the stripes. Heck the first five inches were knit four times until I finally got to a point that I didn't have a hole, dropped stitch, or some other problem.

I now have my second project on needles. This will be a Christmas gift so I won't give away the lucky soul who will be getting it. But do figure to see more pics later.

This time I'm working on a new stitch, seed stitch. I've always loved the feel of seed stitch, but I'm also enjoying the process. Okay so I only have 14 rows done at this point, but I'll keep going.

This yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. I picked up 3 balls at the 1,000 Knitters day at Wool Gathering. They were in the odd lot basket on sale and just called out to me. Take us home, we'll be so much happier then here identified as an odd ball. So this lovely soft blue, an oatmeal, and taupe is my next project - another scarf, but still learning.

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Bridget said...

Hey, at least you have actually finished it! The first thing I knit never got even close to finished, as a matter of fact, I think I gave away the yarn ...