Monday, August 4, 2008

Wonders of science

Thursday turned too hot and humid for our planned trip to the zoo, so we headed into Fort Wayne for a day at Science Central.

The kids had a blast from our first steps in. MM especially liked the house - it was set on a steep angle so you couldn't walk on any one plane.

Mirrors gave each of us a different point of view.

LB found his own special place - a nook within the walk wall.

One of the big entertainments was the moon bounce. In a harness the kids got to experience the idea of walking on the moon. LB spent quiet time on line, twice at least, to bounce across the moon. Just another round to confirm his wonders with outer space and the planets.

What a cool dude!

MM was big enough to enjoy a bike trip about 90 feet in the air. Better fun was the big tube slide. Due to length and for added protection, the kids were covered except for head and hands. I love the coordination.

This is my favorite pic of the day, the pin table with my dad and LB's hands. Bummer was the photo of the kids hands didn't come out clearly.

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