Monday, July 28, 2008

Back home in Indiana

...and after crossing the state line; Mom, Dad, and I sang for the rest of the family. Afterward, DH confirmed that none of us have the a career in music.

Getting in later then initially planned proved that life is small town is so special. Our B&B hosts are currently on vacation themselves so they left the keys in the mailbox for us.

Today was a quiet day, we stuck around North Manchester, visited with Grammie, and enjoyed the park. It is great being in small town USA.

One park with a great playground is just seven blocks up from our B&B which is easily walkable. Heck, there are actual sidewalks through out the Main Street section of town. We also didn't have to check out every inch of the playground for problems, poor maintenance issues, or other stuff. The kids had fun climbing, sliding, and swinging without one of us right on top of them the entire time.

One favorite at this playground is this slide. It is a series of rollers, as some industry uses to move product down the line. Fun watching the reactions of the kids first trips down the slide.

LB also found his own wheels -
Heaven help up us when his wheels aren't firmly attached to the ground.

His inner Spiderman also jumped for
this new option in the playground.

MM's inner desire to fly toward the the second star on the right and straight on till dawn finds a glimmer of possibility on the swings.

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