Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Talk about frustrating

So my summer reading program has been short circuited - dh returned Northanger Abbey to the library with a quarter of the book left to finish. I asked him to return a couple of CDs which were still in the truck from Chautauqua. Since he knew it was a library book, he figured it too needed to go back.

Tonight was library night with the kids, so I'd just get it back out and pick up where I left off. Well, that didn't work someone else has the book already. I'll have to go online and see about getting a copy from another branch. I would like to finish the book while we are on vacation next week.

Luckily I have Persuasion also, so I've jumped into reading this next title on my Austen list. Oh how wonderful to travel with Ms. Anne.

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barbloblaw said...

That's a real shame and it's not like you can yell at him because he was being really thoughtful. You've got yourself a keeper there hon. Better not let that one get away. :)