Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm done!!!

I don't enjoy the heat and humidity of the summer, but I headed out of the A/C anyway.

Yesterday was Plays in the Park's performance of Beauty and the Beast. The show was great, but waiting to put chairs out was just such a wipe out. It is worth giving up an afternoon in the A/C for quality community theater. Mom and I got so time to sit and chat, knit, and watch the kids. The kids had fun and found "play" friends while we waited. They went hill rolling, played Frisbee, catch, and Uno.

MM has now seen Beauty twice on stage. With the exception of the temperature, I think the water ice after intermission made this a better show for her. LB was having fun but sleep took over about 30 minutes before final curtain. That power nap just gave him the get up and go to chat with the college kids waiting in the car next to us, while MM got her autographs.

Next show for the kids is Cinderella at PIP on the stage this fall. I'm sure it will be as much fun as everything else.

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