Thursday, July 3, 2008

More from the porch

With the first three days being rainy, I haven't had much to show off of the place.

Here's the Presbyterian House, which has the distinction of being the first brick building at Chautauqua.

Most nights we sit and listen to the Chautauqua Symphony or whatever other entertainment is in the amphitheater.

Hey with seats like these who wants to go down and sit on a hard 19th century benches.

Yesterday was nice and dry enough for the Sklar family picnic on Bestor Plaza. After lunch, R and LB had fun playing with other kids on the plaza and at the fountain.

Even our newest family member joined in the fun in the plaza.

Before the return of showers, we headed back to the porch for play.


iknitwithwit said...

You have a new baby? Congratulations! And how nice for your family to be multi-ehtnic.

Quilting Mama said...

Thanks for the congrats, but the newest family member is actually my nephew.

After the week together, we'll keep him. He's a great little guy.