Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back from my escape

Four days escape from home and kids was wonderful, even though it was for work. Last week thru "oh dark & ugly" Monday morning, I was in Santa Fe. This was my first trip to New Mexico.

It was wonderful the little I had free time for of Santa Fe. Before the workshops started, I visited the Georgia O'Keefe museum to see their new exhibit. O'Keefe isn't my favorite artist, but I do enjoy some portions of her painting. The O'Keefe museum is small, but the collection and exhibit space design is wonderfully compact. This was worth the cost of admission. The Art of Identity exhibit includes photographs of O'Keefe, her work, and home by more then just Stieglitz. It was interesting to see drawings, paintings, and photographs of the work in her studio.

Outside of Ghost Ranch - Santa Fe is a sculpture garden with these great installation pieces by Peter Woytuk. This is one of my favorite pieces. I just love the striking difference between the cans and the apples.
The workshops went really well even though there were only 5 attendees. For the first time the focus of what we want to teach was also the primary interest of the participants.

During the airport times and evenings, I was able to get more done of the stripe scarf, but still not finished.

Monday's early arrival home and the start of the day, brought back the reality of daily life with laundry and dishes.

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Bridget said...

What! You wanted to escape from your children??? What a terrible mother you are ...