Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally finished

I have been lax about posting any projects finished.

DH's scarf took a long time to finish, but now the ends are hiding and he has it for the next cold day.

This yarn was in my stash. I bought it for a gift, but then changed my mind. Now I have no clue it was bought for but it is now a scarf for good friend. Yeah, I officially used stash and have a gift ready for Christmas 2009!

The five hours of knitting and a finished scarf, no wonder fun yarns have become so popular. This was also a wonderful break from the fine yarn of DH's scarf.

Previously I mentioned the plan to knit, sew, or otherwise make most of our gifts for Christmas 2009 or other gift needs this year. Now that DH is a statistic, this is even more timely project plan.

After a lovely day of shopping in Mom's stash, I have started working on some of these scarves for other friends and family. My plan is to challenge myself with each item, either with the type of yarn, learning new stitches, or even trying a real pattern.

This is the first one finished, but this was a new yarn type for me.
It is a cozy to work with as it looks.

For our last trip to VA, I needed knitting that would be easy for travel, so I turned to 3 skeins of eyelash yarn. As I started knitting, I found I had two skeins of one dyelot and one of a second. This scarf used the two and I have a simillar one from the single.
Many thanks to LB for agreeing to let Twinkle begin his modeling career. I'm sure others will come ready and willing for our next show.


Lisa said...

The monkey looks very fey...

Bridget said...

Wow you have been busy!

I find stuffed animals to be the most cooperative models. Husbands and cats, not so much.