Saturday, March 21, 2009

The magic

...of Leggos.

LB got leggos for Christmas/Hanukkah and his birthday. Some of the packages were sets while others were just collections of blocks. From the first opening, he started building what is most important to him - Mario and friends. With each round, Mario, Lugi, and the others have gotten more detailed.

For LB, these characters are not only for building, but then for reenacting game stratgies and moves.

Sometimes Leggo Mario gets to watch him play Mario games on the computer.

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Lisa said...

I got the boys wonder the death set of Legos--400 pieces to be exact, 354 of them carefully positioned around the house for me to step on. Barefoot. Fiendish they are, fiendish.

They make guns and robots with theirs. :)