Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 already productive

So far January has been good to me and finished projects.

New Years Day I spent predominantly infront of my sewing machine. I achieved from cutting to finished item a bag to hold Mom's swift.
Discovered as I put the swift into the bag that it was opening up, so I added two straps.
Created without a pattern, I like how this came out and so does Mom.

Mom was also in need of a new bathrobe. After Christmas we visited Joann's and picked out the wonderfully cozy fleece and a pattern.

This week I was able to finish the hem and sleeves, so that part of Christmas is actually done.

I succeeded in getting around 15 scarves finished for holiday gifts. The craziness of the holidays got in the way of pictures, but I assure you they were lovely.

With this success, I picked up where I left off in scarf creation. Traveling this past weekend enabled me to finish these two. The right one is tagged for a church friend. I used two balls of Watercolors. Too bad the color doesn't come through, it's a very pretty lavendar with other pastels mixed in.
The right one will join the bag for later gifting.

Now back to the table and cutting out the next project for more fun at my sewing machine.

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