Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow bound

Here all the world is white and windy.

Back to back storms each over 20 inches leaves little room for any color other than white out our windows. The magnolia tree is covered, but has lost two branches over night due to the heavy snow and wind.

Once we can get back in the front yard we will have pre-spring planting to clear up.

DH and the kids are enjoying the shoveling, playing, and snowball toss. Laid up with back spasms, I'm keeping to the enjoyment of watching from the windows and thus the screened photo above.


Kathy said...

If it weren't for those back spasms, you could be pasting your husband with snowballs. How unfortunate that you are laid up...

Speaking of 'pre-spring planting', I ordered my garden seeds the other day. I have spring fever.

Bridget said...

Did you lean over the postage meter at work???