Friday, April 9, 2010

One to grow on...

Even though it's been along time since posting, I have been knitting.  After finishing Bubbie's hearts, I moved into my first non-scarf project - a baby blanket.  The baby receipent for this blanket is a new little boy at church.

Even though he was thoughtful and told his parents he was coming, I'm never too trusting of ultrasound results.  I picked up this waterfall color since it was wonderful for either a boy or girl.  Being for a baby, I love Lion Brand Homespun for it's comfy, cozy hand and it's wash-ability.

This week brought in a preview of the summer, but I hope to have this finished up to be used for some of the cool spring evenings yet to come.

"I thought this was for me not some baby.  At least it won't be living here, I've enough enough trouble with the ones living here already."

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Bridget said...

This yarn reminds me of a Monet painting ...

Ah, kitty cat disdain, what would we do without it??