Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Treats for me

For years I've looked through cooking store, restaurant suppliers, and even thrift shops for a 12 cup muffin pan similar to those I inherited from my Nana.  She gave me two Worthmore aluminum 6 cup muffin pans which are perfection.  The pans are pressed aluminum so there is no seam between the cup and the pan top.

Since finding my ideal wasn't happening, I worked with what was available to keep the muffins and cupcakes rolling out the kitchen.  Cleaning the crude out of the ridge is just a pain, but I never thought I would find my idea pan again.

Recently after some well wasted time on ebay,  I found an auction for exactly what I've been searching for - a Worthmore 12 cup standard size muffin pan.  The same seller had a mini muffin pan also of molded aluminum by

 Looking further through the seller's items I found a set of aluminum measuring spoons and an ice cream spoon.  Nana's kitchen held spoons like these too.

Nana's kitchen held so many wonderful, practical, and high quality tools.  I got so many when they sold the house and moved.  At the time I was still in school and wasn't didn't know what the future held so there were many items I didn't ask for that I wish now I had.  So, I search the auction sites and second hand shops for those illusive pieces that I now want.

This time, I placed my bids and won.  Yesterday the postman left a package at the door.  I was so excited because I just love getting packages.  These are just wonderful and will be much used and enjoyed.

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