Monday, May 10, 2010

Road Rage

Two weeks down and I haven't run screaming from the building.  I may  however have a massive mid-drive hissy fit one of these days.  I thought the bouncing around on the city streets in my neighborhood was bad, but the streets in Center City are exponentially worse.

Cobblestones are supposed to be bone rattling and jarring, but it's nothing compared to several other streets on my daily travels.  Between the sinking manholes, poorly patched potholes, and uneven roadways; it would not be good for me to run into any member of the streets department.

I drive Pine Street daily.  Earlier this year was yet another round of road carving, this time for Fios.  Then turning down Third Street a series of bad potholes patches, rebuilding portions of road way from explosions, or all around uneven intersections is worse.  Emergencies will always happen, but for other subterranean projects, there should be a requirement that all other players with presents underground be notified.  All projects within a 2 to 5 year timetable should be scheduled so the roadway could be opened up and then fully resurfaced for the benefit of those who live or work on the street.

Since I can't change the roads, the mission to find the smoothest roads in Philly continues.  I'm not optimistic in finding an ideal route in the near future.

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