Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flag Day 2010

Being in Philadelphia, you have to venture to the Betsy Ross House at least once and especially for Flag Day.  June 12-13 was the third annual Flag Fest which provided an even bigger reason to tour the house and enjoy all that was available to watch, hear, and see.

Heading to 2nd and Arch for the start ensured we would have plenty of time and hopefully not melt, and we were right.  With Arch Street closed between 2nd and 3rd, a city street fair gave time to stroll down the street to see the vendors including Physick House, Clay Studio, and Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Spending quality time with clay was just what LB wanted to do, and he would still be there today if we hadn't pulled him away to something else.
On the courtyard outside brought a variety of entertainment  including a unit from Fralinger String Band, 

Give and Take Jugglers, and the Boy Scouts.  With the jugglers, LB found that he was just the right person for the moment.  This was the start of his segment which ended with him being juggled.  I was laughing too hard to get a clear picture of that feat.


The Boy Scouts from Roxbourgh brought the quiet respect to retiring many American flags with a burning ceremony.  They also encouraged everyone there to participate with a flag to add to the flames.  The ashes from this burning were laid near Betsy Ross' grave.    I haven't participated in a flag burning since I was at Girl Scout camp.  This was much more significant then anything I had previously been a part of.

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