Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flour flury

After an afternoon nap for all the gang, me included, I headed into the kitchen to test some recipes and mixes in prep for my next life.

Yes its nearly hot as hades, but I put the oven on and finished several items. With the help of MM, we produced a loaf of beer bread, peanut butter cookies, walnut chocolate chip cookies, butterbrikle scones, and dried fruit scones.  The bread and peanut butter cookies are from scratch, while the others had starts from mixes.  It was so much fun having MM help read the recipes, measure ingredients and lick the beaters was a wonderful time.  It brought back many memories of cooking with my Nana during my summer visits and Grandpa's complaints that it was too hot to heat the house by turning on the oven.  Nana generally settled him and we made whatever treat I asked for and later we all enjoyed it.

The biggest test today wasn't getting so many pans through the oven without burning anything, but my plan for the next round. Half of the cookie and scone batches went into the freezer for later baking.  In my next life having items ready for the oven will save me major amounts of time so the family is my current testing ground.  All the results earned two thumbs up from LB, MM, and DH.  I especially like the dried fruit scones .

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