Sunday, December 12, 2010

And it continues

Today we've had another full day of light, spirit encouraging, snow.  Unlike Philadelphia, the plows were out early this afternoon starting the clearing and sanding.

We spent the day in wrapping packages, addressing envelopes, and watching holiday movies.  First round of packages are under the tree.  After the kids are in bed I'll continue the wrapping with packages for them.  I don't dare put those packages under the tree, LB would be too tempted to open packages either right away or when he thought no one was around.

Now the kids are THRILLED because the school district just called letting us know that we have a 2 hour delayed opening.  Neither has said so yet, I'm sure they are each going around with fingers crossed that school will be closed tomorrow.  I however would prefer they get their little tushes on the bus at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  A few errands remain to finish my shopping, while waiting for online orders to show on the porch, which don't need any help.  I also have a big round of sewing to start for the family.  They would be too curious about what I was working on and they would just be in the way as I work.

So as I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord the streets to clean......

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Kathy said...

I wish it would quit with the raining and snowing here. Lately, its just been rain. Much of our snow has gone, but not all of it. However, ALL of our firewood is sopping wet and we have to be sure to bring plenty in to dry so we don't have to start a fire with wet wood. I need some christmas spirit out here, so I've been trying to listen to christmas music.