Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let it snow...

Our place in the snow
"Indiana is so much cooler then Philly...this is a second day of snow and it's not winter yet," states the MM.  Then she HAD to call her bff to make it known.  It's cold, snowing, and we are decorating for Christmas.  Just a perfect way to call in the holiday.

Saturday we headed to the Honeywell Center for Toyland - an afternoon of crafts, snacks, and picture with Santa.  The Honeywell Center is fully decorated so we took advantage and found several spots to take out holiday photos.  These are the ones that didn't make it for the Christmas card, so great having multiple shots to work with this year.

Sunday was the holiday concert by the Manchester Symphony Orchestra.  We missed the first half of the production due to a late check out and early arrival of this weeks guests.  With a whirlwind round of cleaning with participation from everyone, we arrived at intermission and enjoyed the MSO with the chorus from Manchester College performing the Messiah.  James fell asleep during the show, but he NEEDED the nap.  The rest of us enjoyed the music and were impressed by the vocal quality of many of the soloists.

After the concert, we headed to the local Mexican restaurant for DH's birthday dinner a day early but better then on a school night. The evening ended with a lovely meal.   I love their idea of the full celebration for a birthday - whipped cream on the face while wearing a sombrero.  Well it was a weekend full of holiday activity which was enjoyed by all.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the photos. Have you worked out your Christmas brekkie menu yet? I am making these: http://yolaurafreed.blogspot.com/2010/12/bacon-maple-cinnamon-rolls-yes-youve.html


Quilting Mama said...

Saw this on your blog and it has been added to the recipe file. Not sure if it will make Christmas morning since I have two veggies in for that morning already.