Sunday, March 2, 2008

I've got something finished

What a way to begin - a second post and finished projects.

Last week I had a free day and decided to spend the day sitting at my sewing machine. I've had the fabric for new kitchen curtains for at least 3 years. So last Tuesday was the day...

My obsession for tea is well known. Actually some people think I'm a bit of a tea snob, but once you've found quality tea from a dependable source - who can blame a girl for searching out the best. Finding this fabric was just the perfect piece for my kitchen. Color isn't a big deal right now since I can't find exactly what I like for backsplash tiles, and besides every color I really like is in the pattern.

I have enough of this fabric left to make myself an apron. Keep watching for that pictures.


Mrs. Donohue Language Arts said...

Love the curtains, glad you could get them done!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those would give me serious nightmares if I staggered upon them in my kitchen. Like a mad gypsy curse, that pattern.