Sunday, March 23, 2008

Walking for Awareness

This year the stars have aligned so I will be walking in the Gift of Life's Donor Dash on April 20th.

I don't have any specific connection to organ donation - no story of a family member on the waiting list for years before a transplant was possible. I don't have a tragic connection to the death of someone close to me whose organs have gone on to save others. I just believe that organ donation is the last and best thing someone can do with their life to help other people.

For a couple of years DH was involved with the transplant program. During that time, I couldn't complain too much about his weird and long hours because most of the time he actually was heading out to help save someones life.

My target is to raise $250 this first year.

Time to head out for new walking sneakers and on to the trails for a training walk.

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