Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a wonderful day

A sunny Saturday - what a joy.

This week was not fun but Saturday was such a treat. I spent the morning doing things around the house including a batch of muffins for a meeting at church. The meeting went well and it was nice to talk without wondering when the kids would be running in.

After lunch with the family, we headed outside. Dh decided to vacuuming the cars out and washing the front windows were good projects. Meanwhile I planted the rest of the plants.

We now have 4 kinds of tomatoes (Rutgers, Sweet 100, , and something Emma brought home from the school sale), rainbow peppers, flowers, in the bed. In pots I have herbs for fresh and later dried uses including lemon basil, basil, french bay leaf, Greek oregano, flat leaf parsley, and assorted flowers. LB demanded we plant some of the carrot seeds he got for his birthday. It will be fun to see what comes with the harvest.

Getting dirty is such a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Once the plants were all in, LB decided this was also a good afternoon for a new book. Ms Harriet supplied the book from her stash and LB found the perfect spot on the front yard.

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