Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maryland Sheep and Wool

The weathermen were certain about the rain - but it turned into a great day to meet and talk with the animals. Nana, MM, LB and I piled into the car for our drive to Howard County Fairgrounds to explore the 2008 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

With the promise of meeting sheep, goats, and rabbits, the kids were focused on their mission to meet every animal on the grounds.

We first met the soft, fuzzy rabbits.

Next introductions were with the alpacas. They were beautiful and so patient with all the kids showering attention on them.

After a quick visit with one pen of goats, we settled for some lunch. Since Nana & I discovered ribbon potatoes last year, this year the kids got the introduction. What fun watching them enjoy the potatoes.

After lunch, we put some time into looking at yarn and feeling fibers. MM got to try her hand at spinning and she liked what she was able to produce. Ahh, the new generation can spin for us to then knit.

The sheep pens were also of great interest.

LB wanted to bring home baa baa black sheep. He thinks it would be great to keep in the front yard. Even with the trip rule of no additional feet in the car, it was hard to convince him that we couldn't bring home the sheep.

Of course if I'd let him bring home the sheep, MM would have insisted on bringing home the angora goat.

What would the neighbors make of livestock in the yard?

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Bridget said...

Well, at least you have a yard - I would have to keep the livestock on the deck!!

I really enjoyed the day there too. Even though I was tired, I would have even enjoyed going back on Sunday ...