Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charging into 2009

I survived the first week of 2009 at the office. Since it was my first full week at work in over a month - thank God it was busy enough to go quickly. That was about the sum total of the good for the week too.

One piece of business to close out 2008. Kathy D. is getting a special package from me for her comments during my 2008 Christmas movie rundown. Now I still have a piece or two to work on, so this should be to you later this month.

I'm enjoying the year in reviews and resolutions for 2009 on so many other blogs. It is amazing to see the volumes and variety of creative work by so many crafters, cooks, and artists. I'm not one to look back at a specific year, I also don't usually make New Year resolutions. For me any day is a chance to start a new project (better would be to finish one, but that is for another day), plan, or renewal so why pick a day when you've been up too late the night before and then regret not keeping it too soon after.

Being able to "keep up" with so many online friends, I've begun to realize that I've neglected keeping in touch with some genuine friends and family. There are some out their, for whom I know more about what has been happening then I do with family only 3 hours away. So this year I'm going to take on a resolution .

Last week's kids club project kicked the idea also. Finding so many cards and so much stationary just keeping space in my office, I decided to start a weekly project to write a friend or family member each week. This will NOT be an email or postcard, but a real handwritten letter on stationary and written in ink. The envelope will be hand addressed and actually use a postage stamp to reach another person. So if you reading this, you may be one of those fortunate family members or friend to whom I will write over the next year. And please forgive the handwriting.

As a child I loved getting mail, and letters from my Nana were especially enjoyed. She typically typed her correspondence due to arthritis which effected her handwriting. Reading her letter brought her voice into my head and left me with a hug to hold in my heart. When I know the person writing, I can hear that person speaking to me. It's not just the words but their tone and inflection that I hear.


Kristin said...

I love hand written letters! I am wanting to get back into handwriting letters too. :)


Reclaiming The Home

Bridget said...

This is so weird - I have decided to actually write more notes and letters to people this year too! Nothing beats a handwritten note, even if it just says "Hi, I'm thinking of you."

(Plus I am a stationery whore.)

Lisa said...

Although I am concerned about the voices in your head, at least they are telling you to do good. And handwritten notes of any kind are always good. Especially at work, when something as simple as a stickie left on someone's desk with a quick "hi" counts.

Mrs. Donohue Language Arts said...

Great minds think alike, this is also something I have been wanting to do. Will need to find the time, will give me something to do while in Grad Class.

Princess Kay said...

Oh Mama, you've done it again! What a brilliant idea to keep up with the genuine people in your life! You've inspired me to do the same!!! Thank you for your wonderful idea!!!!