Thursday, January 22, 2009

Encouraging the next generation

I'm not talking politics here, but about the next generation knitter in the family.

Mom and I decided Sunday would be a perfect day to head to NYC to visit the new Lion Brand Studio. The cold and possible snow didn't deter us. We were on a mission to pick a special item not to be disclosed until later. We also decided to take MM along for the day. She is knitting small projects when it strikes her to pick up the needles.

I found beautiful cashmere yarn to blend with a skein from my stash shopping. MM decided she needs a new scarf (lost the one Nana made her last year), hat and mitten set. One feature of the studio that we all thought was cool - the Sample Wall. From the cones you can select a yarn and ask for a pair of needles to swatch and fondle.

MM found the Jiffy Thick & Quick, Sierra Summer colorway. She loved knitting her swatch and decided this was the yarn for her, but she needed time to pick "the right color." Thankfully Nana was willing to help in the selection process, not sure I would have survived the process. The final selection was Rocky Mountains. She has several rows of the scarf done so we'll just watch it grow.


Kristin said...

I love that its something you share through the generations!! :)


Bridget said...

So ... MM has tasted the Kool-Aid??? ;-)

Lisa said...

Not only has she tasted it, she mixes whole batches herself.

Oh yeah!