Friday, January 23, 2009

Your the Inspiration...

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

I don't have a specific inspiration for my reading. As I read others blog posts about their reading challenges or themes, I'm tempted to join in. So far any I've considered has left me in the dust. Time for reading when I'm not exhausted is rare but I love my books.

When I'm at a book store, new or used, I look for a title or cover that catches my eye. A recent visit to a favorite used book store brought me in touch with a new take on the Christmas Carol - Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol. It was a quick read which is a bonus during the holidays.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Encouraging the next generation

I'm not talking politics here, but about the next generation knitter in the family.

Mom and I decided Sunday would be a perfect day to head to NYC to visit the new Lion Brand Studio. The cold and possible snow didn't deter us. We were on a mission to pick a special item not to be disclosed until later. We also decided to take MM along for the day. She is knitting small projects when it strikes her to pick up the needles.

I found beautiful cashmere yarn to blend with a skein from my stash shopping. MM decided she needs a new scarf (lost the one Nana made her last year), hat and mitten set. One feature of the studio that we all thought was cool - the Sample Wall. From the cones you can select a yarn and ask for a pair of needles to swatch and fondle.

MM found the Jiffy Thick & Quick, Sierra Summer colorway. She loved knitting her swatch and decided this was the yarn for her, but she needed time to pick "the right color." Thankfully Nana was willing to help in the selection process, not sure I would have survived the process. The final selection was Rocky Mountains. She has several rows of the scarf done so we'll just watch it grow.

Is it really stash knitting?

So does it count as knitting from stash if it really isn't yours?

I know you're all wondering how does one knit from stash that isn't theirs?
Well here's the story.

I'm loving knitting. Okay I only have finished three projects to date, but I like each one. I've taken Bridget's idea of focusing my gift giving for the next holiday season from my hands and needles. Not having the budget to just go shopping for yarn for all my projects from a real store, I went shopping last weekend at Chez Mom.

In effort of full disclosure, Chez Mom is the wonderfully stocked closet in my former bedroom at my parents. My mom has been knitting for over 50 years. She knits ALL the time and for so many people. My family benefits regularly with sweaters, hats, mittens, and slippers. This year for Hanukkah, mom made slipper socks for our friends, 7 pairs total, and bought a color for one pair and the yarn for two others. From her stash she was able to make 4 1/2 pairs of slipper socks.

Does this give you an idea of the stash available for my private shopping trip? So as any good shopper, I went with a list of people I want to make something for and color ideas. Good to her past purchases, I was able to come home with a BIG Space Bag full.

So again I ask you, does this count as knitting from the stash?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charging into 2009

I survived the first week of 2009 at the office. Since it was my first full week at work in over a month - thank God it was busy enough to go quickly. That was about the sum total of the good for the week too.

One piece of business to close out 2008. Kathy D. is getting a special package from me for her comments during my 2008 Christmas movie rundown. Now I still have a piece or two to work on, so this should be to you later this month.

I'm enjoying the year in reviews and resolutions for 2009 on so many other blogs. It is amazing to see the volumes and variety of creative work by so many crafters, cooks, and artists. I'm not one to look back at a specific year, I also don't usually make New Year resolutions. For me any day is a chance to start a new project (better would be to finish one, but that is for another day), plan, or renewal so why pick a day when you've been up too late the night before and then regret not keeping it too soon after.

Being able to "keep up" with so many online friends, I've begun to realize that I've neglected keeping in touch with some genuine friends and family. There are some out their, for whom I know more about what has been happening then I do with family only 3 hours away. So this year I'm going to take on a resolution .

Last week's kids club project kicked the idea also. Finding so many cards and so much stationary just keeping space in my office, I decided to start a weekly project to write a friend or family member each week. This will NOT be an email or postcard, but a real handwritten letter on stationary and written in ink. The envelope will be hand addressed and actually use a postage stamp to reach another person. So if you reading this, you may be one of those fortunate family members or friend to whom I will write over the next year. And please forgive the handwriting.

As a child I loved getting mail, and letters from my Nana were especially enjoyed. She typically typed her correspondence due to arthritis which effected her handwriting. Reading her letter brought her voice into my head and left me with a hug to hold in my heart. When I know the person writing, I can hear that person speaking to me. It's not just the words but their tone and inflection that I hear.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

May your New Year bring blessings and peace to one and all.

I've never been one to focus on resolutions for the new year. This year we are looking at many possible changes and new adventures. I pray we find a good resolution to all the possible developments.