Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last weekend through today was the annual round of school uniform sewing. During this I usually finish at least one UFO, typically something started for me. The FO this year is a skirt I cut out with plans to wear it for Easter - well that didn't happen. I got just so far and thought I had lost a piece. Finally reading the instructions showed that there wasn't a piece missing. It is just a roll waist band skirt. So now something new for me.

The annual sewing weekend started when MM began kindergarten. I went shopping for uniforms and couldn't believe what even Target was charging for a basic jumper. I figured it was crazy to spend $20 plus dollars per piece when I knew I could make nice pieces in better fabrics. So with Nana's help over Labor Day weekend we started making uniforms. MM so loved wearing jumpers that were different what the other girls, the time was so worth while to me.

This year's annual uniform sewing resulted in two jumpers, a pair of corduroy pants. We also made "matching" pants for Kit, MM's new American Girl doll. Still to finish up are a second pair of pants for MM and a jumper for Kit. Can't have a girl unable to coordinate with her doll.

Saturday was Family Fun Day at church. Using a warped pillowcase and left over dried beans, I made 17 bean bags for the bean bag toss game. Guess this really counts on the recycle & reuse project. Too bad the camera had a hissy fit so I don't have pictures right now.

Knitting is moving forward on the most current knitting project.

I'd have to say over all - it's been a productive round.

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