Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitter's Hunk goddess

After a day of continued frustration, the kids and I came home to find a package at the door. LB announced it was addressed to me. Yeah - I just love getting packages.

What wanders to find - a box from Kim in celebration of my second place entry to Knitter's Hunk 2008. Patrick Stewart is one of my absolute fav actors. I still watch reruns of Star Trek, Next Generation. Some I can even recite the script.

This is just wonderful - 4 skeins of yarn, note cards, a lamb, and two sets of stitch holders. I've already lost the lamb. MM decided its just too cute for mom to keep.

Angora boucle yarn - three skeins - in a soft tan color
Oh what to make with this, much thought and pattern exploration for the just the right project.

A luscious purple merino skein. Red is my favorite color, but this purple is just juicy.

Once again no clue right now what I'll make with it, but it will be lovely when just the right project is found.

Now I have to find out how she created the stitch markers. Each set with a drool worthy photo of Jean Luke.

Again, many thanks Kim.

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