Monday, November 24, 2008

Declutter before Christmas

After reading 3 Grrrls Knit post about clearing out, I sent her an idea which a friend gave me years ago and works wonders.

When Debbie got married her husband moved in with lots of clothes. She noticed he didn't wear lots of them and closet space was a premium. She pulled out items she hadn't washed recently that were in season. Putting the bags in a back closet for 3 to 6 months, if an item was asked for it returned to the closet. After the time period, out the bags go to a local thrift shop/charity.

I had a similar issue when DH and I married, uniting closets and the other household stuff. I used Debbie's idea and it was great. We did go through closets together at times, but DH at times likes to keep the old trusty items for "comfort."

With a household that now includes 2 kids, the stuff just multiplies. MM and LB at times will put items into the Goodwill bag with a generous spirit, but other times the little horders surface. I usually pull items off the toy shelves and bins times when I have to clean up the house. If I have to put it away, then it stays. Hey they are playing with it. If things sit on the shelves for months and even need a dusting, it isn't an item of interest so into the Goodwill box.

So far on the kid front I have only pulled two items out of a bag during the isolation time. And after items leave the house, only when one Carebear wasseen at the church sale did something return home.

If this idea works for you - go for it.

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Kathy said...

I am so glad you posted that! I'm just considering the best place for the box/bag right now. When I cleaned out my DH's shirts, I just told him I was getting rid of them because he never wore them. He was, surprisingly, fine with it.