Monday, November 17, 2008

Homemade Bread Day

Wow - found this out through one of my quilting lists.

So perfect since I have bread dough in the bread machine right now and soon will have this week's sandwich loaf.

DH wanted a bread machine back as we put together out wedding registry. Since most of the decisions were mine, I played along and let him add it. Then we ended up with two machines both from DH's family. After MM came along and my time for making bread dropped off to a minuscule amount - I pulled out the bread machine.

Now about 7 years later, I make at least 2 loaves of bread a week. With all the use it gets, I'm quickly wearing out the machine. In fact each loaf I make I'm keep my fingers crossed and hope that the dough comes out before the machine dies.

Thankfully - This year my folks are granting a gift wish and I'll have a new machine for Christmas.

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