Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween results

Only 12 goblins, princesses, and other characters made it to our door for treats ... but my race car driver and pirate came home with way too much.

This bowl could put even the most balanced person into a diabetic coma. And this is after a couple of days enjoyment by the entire family.

Saturday brought friends over for an Autumn party. This was held to make up for an over active August and too little time for MM's birthday party. After leaving the distribution of the invites to MM and DH, we had 8 kids for the afternoon.

We had pumpkin crafts, bobbing for apples, and general kid fun. The kids had a good time and MM enjoyed having friends over.

For me it was great, I got a chunk of the house really clean!!!

Of course Nana provided seasonal sweaters with glow in the dark designs.

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