Saturday, December 20, 2008

12 days til Christmas

Okay so this isn't actually the 12th day before Christmas. I didn't realize the time commitment to posting daily. Trying to do this during the holiday season was a bit crazy on my part.

So tonight I'll play catchup on the missing posts.

Jack Frost, another Rankin-Bass submission, goes beyond the Christmas time. Actually with Pardon Me Pete telling us about the adventures of Jack Snip in January Junction, it isn't really a Christmas program. Since the programmers for tv stations consider any program specially designated for kids and not airing on Saturday mornings must be set to a specific holiday.

Anyway, I love the characters who give us all the joys and fun of winter. The Sleet Sisters, Snip the snowflake maker, Holly the Christmas Snow Fairy, and Father Christmas. Now if they would just visit the Philadelphia area - I'm ready for some real winter weather.

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