Sunday, April 20, 2008

Giving Life a Second Chance

Yeah, for a second perfect day this weekend. With rain in the forecast, I was wondering if Donor Dash was going to result in a walking shower. But the angels decided we only needed sun and clouds as we walked for organ donation awareness.

As I mentioned before, I don't have any direct personal connection to organ donation. To this point, thankfully I haven't had to make the donation decision or faced waiting for someone else to make one for any of those close to my heart. I just believe the best final thing anyone can do is to give the gift of life to another.

MM decided this week to join me on the walk. We got to the registration site and she was fascinated by all the people there for "our walk." Before we headed down the drive - entertainment abounded. We found Rocky Bluewinkle and the face painting tent. We also enjoyed the music and watching all the teams gather for photos before starting out.

With my pink cat - we headed down for the walk. MM loved seeing the waterfall on the river, along with those enjoying time fishing, and the boat teams warming up for their races.

About 45 minutes later, we crossed the finish line of the 2008 3k Donor Dash. Although I didn't meet my fundraising goal, I'm happy both with the amount I raised and spending a couple of hours with my daughter.

Thanks to all of you who sponsored my walk.

For next year, I hope the whole family will walk out for organ donation awareness. We'll just have to keep LB out of the river.

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