Sunday, April 13, 2008

Take me out to the ball game --

What a blast. Saturday DH, MM, LB, and my folks heading to Citizen's Bank for the Cubs and Phillies game. This was the kick off for Week of the Young Child so we went as part of a group.

Confession time - we are not Phillies fans. Dad was raised in NE Indiana, thus a Cubs fan. Moving around as a kid, I was raised as a Cubs fan no matter what was actually happening with the local teams. So Dad decided we had to show our Midwest pride - and here we are...

The kids had a blast, though LB barely noticed the game was going on. They both enjoy peanuts, hot dogs, french fries, and ICE CREAM. Now the Phillies helmet bowls were fun.

Even Darth Vader came to cheer on the Cubs, but the Dark Force wasn't enough.
The Cubs lost - but we had fun and enjoyed a game.

Other friends went to today's Phillies v. Cubs game - and they can go to any other Cubs game this season - the Cubs WON!!!


Bridget said...

Hm. You and your family are brave, wearing Cubs caps to a Phillies game ... though I guess since the Phillies won, you didn't have to worry about getting out of the parking lot in one piece!

(Now if you'd been wearing Mets caps ...)

iknitwithwit said...

Mama, my geography sucks. How does being raised in Indiana make one a Cubs fan?