Sunday, April 20, 2008

One UFO down

And so many more to go.....

My friend Dee has a wonderfully decedent chocolate business and does alot of vendor shows. I found great fabric collection with chocolates and thought it would be great as an apron for her.

I finished up the last piece and was able to give it to her tonight.

I really like how it came out finally. There are a couple pieces of the directions that I'll change as I start the next one.

Too late to start another piece tonight, but back to the stitching tomorrow. Whose should I start next? That decision will have to wait too.


Kooky Katie KupKake! said...

Fugilicious!! Wow. . . this looks like it can be an apron and an outfit all in one. . fun!!

iknitwithwit said...

I made a handbag once many moons ago out of an old pair of jeans. Granted, my butt was huge back then but that simply made for more room for Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers and Maybelline fruit-flavored roll-on lipgloss. And my troll-doll pencil, of course.

And how creative to use the backside of jeans as pockets. Inspired!