Sunday, April 6, 2008

So much for the nails

Just noticing last week that my nails were growing to a nice length - perhaps a manicure. Yesterday's weather shot that idea.

The 60 degree temps, bright sun, and soft breezes sent me out in the yard to dig up the plant beds. What a wonderful time.

I got to enjoy seeing the bulbs I planted 4 years ago come up more then any prior spring. Right now the daffodils are blooming beautifully. There are a couple of tulips trying to come through - wonder what colors those will be.

I think I may have finally won the annual battle with the hostas. The previous owners thought filling the bed next to the stairs to the alley was smart. The big problem was by about July we would loose at least half of the stairs to the expanding plants.

For the past five years, I have dug up and given away as much as anyone would take. It was beginning to become like the annual bumper crops of zucchini - no one would take any more.

Each year thinking - I'm getting these *&%$^&**($ plants out. The next year - psych - here come the plants again. This early treat of spring got me into the bed early, so I got to digging before even the leaves came up.

Looks like a visit to Greensgrow to chat with Sara about what ground cover will work in the bed is on this weeks errands.

If you are in Philadelphia and interested in gardening with plants that grow well in our zone and urban landscapes - Greensgrow is worth the visit. Transforming a "brown block" in Port Richmond - Greensgrow provides wonderful information, healthy plants, and support for local agriculture. Take a visit to their site for all the history and resources -

Next week - weather permitting I hope to get the last of this tree stump out of my vegetable bed. Need to get Dad to bring the hatchet down for a little surgery.


Anonymous said...

I was up half the night last night due to an inconsiderate neighbor thought it would be fun to run a mini-motorcycle up and down the street until 1:00 am in the morning! Should I call the police if it happens again and risk starting a feud so close to home?

Quilting Mama said...

Since this didn't happen in my neighborhood & has nothing to do with my blog - why did you both to post a comment.

SuzieQ-uilts said...

Oh I love hostas, I wish I lived near you.

iknitwithwit said...

Me too! I have copious amounts lining my walkway. I also have potted geraniums but I need to replace those every year for, unlike the hostas, they require work. Why do you hate them? They're so easy to care for and have such pretty stem flowers.

Quilting Mama said...

My dislike for hostas was totally due to the influence of my grandmother. She didn't like them to the point that she had the landscaper redo the side garden plan one summer. He wanted to fill the side bed with nothing but hostas.