Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a gem

Your Gemstone is Topaz

Comforting, considerate, and stable.

You are down to earth and grounded.

What Gemstone Are You?

Not my favorite of gemstones, but at least it isn't peridot!

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Perdiot is just not the best of gemstones. . it is ok, but doesn't really do anything for me. I laughed when I read your comment on this, because I've always thought the same thing about the gemstone! It just misses the mark, like Tracey without Hephurn, [Opps!(sp)], Cagney without Lacey, peanut butter without jelly and Buffy without Angel! But I think Topaz is great! and from the looks of this blog so far you too are comfarting, considerate and stable!- I really enjoy reading here! Keep up the great work!