Sunday, April 20, 2008

Needles, Flashes, and Fun

What a way to spend a Saturday. Mom and I headed to Wool Gathering
to participate in Franklin's continuing 1,000 Knitters quest. What a perfect day to drive through the rolling suburbs of Philadelphia.

We arrived and signed in for numbers 75 and 76. I was so pleased with that nice solid number 75.

While we waited we explored the shop. Mom found hemp yarn. She has a pattern for a man's tie which she wants to make for some friends for Christmas. I found three "last of the lot" balls of Yorkshire Tweed 4ply which are planned for my first knit gift. I'll have to keep this mum so the gift isn't let out of the gift bag too soon. Looks like Tina is comfortable with the yarn already.

Then we headed two doors down to a lovely tea and sandwich shop for a delicious lunch. We had a wonderful Lemon Ginger iced tea, sandwiches, and wonderful time to just chat.

Back to Wool Gathering for the purpose of our trip - to meet Franklin and participate in his shoot. Franklin was great and such a wonderfully genuine man. With a hand off of the needles and the gentle questions and conversation, you don't even realize he's taken any photos. It will be wonderful to see what the end brings of this project.

Carol as Franklin's host was keeping everyone in order, calling out the next number in line, and keeping all of us on deck updated on her current knitting. Such the mother hen. It was great to chat with Carol since she and I share friendship in Bridget. Unfortunately family issues kept Bridget from joining us. DAMN those family obligations.

Here's mom doing her time for Franklin. She was too busy being entertained by Carol to take any shots of me.

Well what a great way to spend the day - and many thanks to dh for keeping the kids with their normal Saturday schedule.

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